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Sansar Green Bio Fertilizer For Crops
Farming is an integral part of the world, it is not just a necessity but necessary for life. Almost 2.5 billion of the world’s population does farming for their livelihoods and other people do farming in some form. The soil becomes infertile while doing Cultivating in one place, due to which crop production is not good. Bio Fertilizer is made for farmers, especially for more production of crops

What is bio fertilizer?

To maintain the fertility of the land, an agricultural scientist has created such a fertilizer after research. Which is called bio fertilizer. It has been prepared by naturally occurring bacteria which is eco-friendly fertilizer. In other words, fertilizers that contain microorganisms are called bio fertilizers.
Sansar Green Biofertilizer

Benefits Of Bio Fertilizer

1.  Nitrogen in the air is converted into ammonia with the help of bacteria.
2.  Ease of seed germination, flowering, and fruiting.
3. Increase Soil Fertility.
4. Aids in healthy plant growth and increases soil capacity.
5. Makes nutrients such as insoluble phosphorus present in the soil soluble and reach the plants.
6. Increase crop yield by approx. 25%.
7.  Activate the soil biologically.
8. Eco-friendly fertilizer, doesn’t harm the soil.
Bio organic fertilizer for plants sansar green

How is Bio fertilizer made?

Basically, biofertilizers are made from a mixture of some special microorganisms and any moisture-retaining material. Bacteria, Cyanobacteria, and Fungi are the main elements of bio fertilizer. Bio-fertilizers are mostly cultured and multiply in the laboratory. It is a complete organic fertilizer for crop growth.
sansar green bio fertilizer

types of bio fertilizers…

Bacterial Biofertilizers:-

  • Azospirilium bio fertilizer
  • Rhizobium bio fertilizer
  • Phosphobacteria Bio Fertilizer
  • Azotobacter Bio fertilizer

Fungal Biofertilizers:-

  •      Mycorrhiza Biofertilizer
  •      Algal Biofertilizers
  •      Blue Green Algae (BGA)  Biofertilizer
  •      Azolla Biofertilizer
Bio organic fertilizer for plants sansar green

Why Bio Fertilizer?

It is a complete organic fertilizer for plants and doesn’t harm crops or plants as chemical fertilizers do. It is a slow-release fertilizer with active microorganisms this does not harm the plants. Bio fertilizer increases the water-holding capacity of the soil and provides essential nutrition to the soil like vitamins, nitrogen, and protein. 
Bio fertilizer for crops sansar green

There are generally four use methods of bio fertilizer

  1. Seed Treatment
  2. Soil Treatment
  3. Bulb Treatment
  4. Seedling Root
Sansar Green Zinc Fertilizer
In the market, bio fertilizers are very commonly sold but not all of them are pure and proven effective, some are also adulterated. No one can easily identify between organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers, because it is difficult without experience. Plants get damaged due to chemicals Because of this plants and flowers do not come well and the soil also becomes infertile. So choosing the right organic fertilizer is really compulsory for plants. So here are some Pure Bio Organic Fertilizers which can be used for plants without any harmful reactions:-

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