How Organic Fertilizers Are Made?

How Organic Fertilizers Are Made_sansar_green_
Organic fertilizer is natural and consistent fertilizer. You must know, that organic fertilizers are made from organic sources such as cattle (animal) matter, human execrate, vegetable and fruits matter (example-compost, manure, etc.) This fertilizer is often made from conventional fresh or uncooked materials; it generally prevails (apply) to our biodegradable wet suit. Normally decomposing biodegradable waste often leads to compost.

Can Organic Fertilizer burn lawn?

No, organic fertilizer won’t hamper or burn your lawns. They are safe. Organic fertilizers are completely natural and conventional fertilizers made from organic matter. Too much fertilizer may hamper your plant root and your lawn.
You all know that too much of anything is not good for anyone and is applicable for plants, lawns, dogs, etc. Organic fertilizer is better in every way and so always prefer organic fertilizer rather than chemical fertilizer.
How Organic Fertilizers Are Made_sansar_green_

Can Organic Fertilizer contribute to the environment?

Of course, Organic fertilizer contributes to the environment. Organic agriculture contributes to the alleviating (lightening) the effect of greenhouse and global warming through its ability to confiscate (sequester, seize) carbon (C) in the soil. Several control practices have been used by organic agriculture to increase the return of carbon (C) to the soil, increase or raise productivity, and favor carbon storage. Organic food is also generally fresher as it does not contain any type of preservatives that enhance its duration of life.
How Organic Fertilizers Are Made_sansar_green_

How is Organic Fertilizer good for our environment?

fertilizers are made from organic and natural sources such as animal matter, and many more animal wastes that are purely and completely natural.
Organic fertilizer is good for our environment as it contributes to our soil, alleviating or lightening the effect of the greenhouse, also global warming through its ability to confiscate (seize) the carbon in the soil. Organic fertilizers are much better than conventional chemical fertilizers and pesticides alone. They enhance plant growth, soil texture, soil composition, and also retain water ability. By helping the plant to grow and by this our environment gets complete support and thereby organic fertilizer is very good for our environment sometimes it is bad if we apply or inhale for the long term. 
How Organic Fertilizers Are Made_sansar_green_

Are Organic Fertilizers safe?

Biotic or Organic or  fertilizers are safe both for your gardens and the surroundings when used conventionally. Organic fertilizers are commonly believed to be slow-releasing fertilizer and also this fertilizer contains lots of trace elements but also note this they are safer than chemicals (inorganic or synthetic) fertilizer. 
They improve the soil texture, composition of the soil, 100% natural, improve the water retains ability. Also, very helpful for plants development, enhances growth, and also organic fertilizers are pocket-friendly fertilizers
​In the market, the most popular instant organic fertilizers  available are from four brands which are very popular in online stores such as amazon, Flipkart etc. These are very effective in growing all plants. Links for various mealy bug removers are provided below:-
Foliar Liquid Drops Best Fertilizer For All Flower Plants From Sansar Green
Urea Liquid Growth Fertilizer From Sansar Green

Are Organic fertilizers better than synthetic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers are fully natural and are made from completely organic substances. Compared to Synthetic, Organic fertilizer is better as they release minerals when it dissolves or breaks down. Also, they improve the soil texture, the structure of the soil, water retains ability. Also, organic fertilizer has the potential to hold water and minerals properly. For your plants, these popular fertilizers are some good quality fertilizers.
Links on a. ‘Erwon Fruit Fertilizer‘, b. ‘Garden King Neem Fertilizer’, c.  ‘Rimi Garden Seaweeds Liquid Growth Fertilizer’, d. ‘Sansar Green Mango Liquid Fertilizer’
Links on a. ‘Erwon  Liquid Fertilizer for Hydroponic Plants‘, b. Rimi Garden Potash Liquid Fertilizer‘, c.Garden King Seaweeds Liquid Fertilizer d. Sansar Green Immunity Booster
Few audio Visual articles for how to use fertilizers :-
Sansar Green Liquid Bone Meal Fertilizer From Sansar Green
Precaution should be taken while using these fertilizers for your plant growth.  These are available on various online platforms such as ‘’, amazon and Flipkart. A few big brands of the gardening industry such as ‘Sansar Green‘, Erwon, Garden King and Rimi Garden are making organic fertilizers and pesticides which are harmless for humans and pets but very effective in growing pants.

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