How is Organic Fertilizers Heplful For Plants?

How is Organic Fertilizers Helpful For Plants_sansar_green
Organic fertilizers are naturally available mineral sources that contain a moderate amount of plant essential nutrients. For the healthy growth of a plant, you must know how is organic fertilizer helpful for plants?
                   *Reduces the necessity of repeated application of synthetic                            fertilizers.
                   *Releases nutrients into the soil solution, maintains nutrient                       balance for healthy growth of crop plants.
                   *Act as an effective energy source of soil microbes which in                            turn improve the structure of the soil.

What is the reason why fertilizers are beneficial for plants?

Organic fertilizers are generally thought to be slow-releasing fertilizers and also they contain many trace elements. However, the improper use of organic fertilizer leads to over-fertilization or nutrient deficiency in the soil.
These fertilizers contain phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, carbon, but are mainly rich in nitrogen. Typical organic fertilizers include mineral sources, all animal waste includes meat processing, compost, slurry, guano, peat, and biosolids.
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 Organic fertilizer helpful for plants:-

The five best organic fertilizers helpful for plants are—
  1. Cow manure- A commonly used type of muck, cow manure is rich in nutrients that feed plants and soil alike.
  2. Kelp- By using kelp as an amendment of soil, helps plants grow stronger and healthier, by improving their ability to take in nutrients. 
  3. Alfalfa meal- Alfalfa meal is the best all-around organic fertilizer and is beneficial for plants.
  4. Limestone- Limestone helps plants by maintaining PH level, plants need neutral PH (5.5 to 6.5) and so limestone plays an important role in the development of a plant.
  5. Greensand- greensand also known as glauconite and is made of marine potash, magnesia, lime, phosphoric acid, and approximately 30 trace elements. Greensand is pertained to the soil and helps in the healthy enhancement of plants.
How is Organic Fertilizers Helpful For Plants_sansar_green

What are the basic types of organic fertilizers?

The basic types of Organic fertilizers are-
  • Manure- They are made from cattle excreta (cow dung and goat droppings).
  • Compost-It is organic matter decomposed through composting. Fruits, vegetables, meats, newspaper, dairy products, bread, eggshells can be composted. If it can be eaten or grown in a field or a garden it can be composted easily.
  • Rock phosphates-They are sedimentary rocks that contain a high amount of phosphate minerals.
  • Chicken litter-Poultry litter is a good source of phosphorous, which is beneficial when soils are low in phosphorous.
  • Bone meal- It is made from defatted, dried animal bones that are ground to a fine powder.
  • Vermicomposting- The process by which worms are used to convert organic materials into a humus–like material known as vermin-compost. The utmost aim is to process the material as quickly and efficiently as possible.
How is Organic Fertilizers Helpful For Plants_sansar_green
​In the market, the most popular organic fertilizers and sprays available are from four brands which are very popular in online stores such as amazon, Flipkart etc. These are instant relief spray for smaller plants, where it works instantly with 3-4 uses enough for growing a healthy plants. Links for various fertilizers and sprays are provided below:-

What are the best things about Organic Fertilizers? 

Organic fertilizer helpful for plants and also the best things about Organic fertilizers are:-
  • They are unsurprisingly available mineral sources and are pocket-friendly fertilizers.
  • They are capable of modifying problems associated with synthetic fertilizers.
  • They nurture the soil with organic matter that reduces dependency on chemical inputs.
  • They are carbon-based compounds that increase the productivity and growth quality of plants.
  • The use of organic fertilizer that is prepared locally ensures that the product is free of harmful chemicals.
  • Encourages soil fauna and flora by enlightening soil formation and structure and generating more steady systems. On the Contrary, nutrients and energy cycling are increased and the soil and water retention ability are enhanced, which compensates for the non-use mineral fertilizers.
Links on a. ‘Erwon Fruit Fertilizer‘, b. ‘Garden King Neem Fertilizer’, c.  ‘Rimi Garden Seaweeds Liquid Growth Fertilizer’, d. ‘Sansar Green Mango Liquid Fertilizer’
Links on a. ‘Erwon  Liquid Fertilizer for Hydroponic Plants‘, b. Rimi Garden Potash Liquid Fertilizer‘, c.Garden King Seaweeds Liquid Fertilizer d. Sansar Green Immunity Booster
Few audio Visual articles for how to use fertilizers :-
Precaution should be taken while using these fertilizers for your plant growth.  These are available on various online platforms such as ‘’, amazon and Flipkart. A few big brands of the gardening industry such as ‘Sansar Green‘, Erwon, Garden King and Rimi Garden are making organic fertilizers and pesticides which are harmless for humans and pets but very effective in growing pants.
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