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sansar green rock garden

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Rock garden, which is called rockery as well and In ancient times it is also called rockwork. This especially is made of stones, hence it is also called the stone garden. It looks like a garden but it is a very different kind of garden They contain flower bulbs and all other types of tree plants, but their structure is very different and excellent. A rock garden is created between stones, gravel, and rocks. It will sound strange to anyone, but its beauty tells everything. Small and low-tall conifers are mainly used in its formation, which requires relatively less water and soil. 

Types Of Rock Garden

Rock garden means a garden made of stone, but it also has many varieties. Generally, a rock garden is divided into four parts:-
  1. Alpines gardens
  2. Smaller stones
  3. Scree gardens
  4. Other Rock Garden
Beautiful rock Garden Sansar Green
The Alpine Garden is part of a larger Rock Garden that houses the Alpine Plants. Such plants which grow naturally at high altitudes and also grow with little to no care are made from them only. the smaller stone garden is basically those which are grown in very less space and with small stones, they do not require big rocks. The scree garden is made using stones of different sizes, which are different in appearance from the rest of the stones. These plants grow well in large stones and gravels rather than soil. Some plants are seen especially in the Rock Garden:-
  1. campanula
  2. Leontopodium
  3. primula
  4. Gentiana
  5. Thyme
Rock Garden sansar green

How to Make a Rock Garden?

To make a rock garden, some things have to be taken care of and some special things are also needed. Rockery is different from the rest of the gardens, so it’s requirements too…First of all, to make a good rock garden, it is necessary to choose a good “Space”.
* It is necessary for rockery that it should be in an open and sunny place. It should be away from large trees and hedges.
Rock Selection
Rock selection is an important part of rock gardening. Limestone and hard sandstone are the best options for this. Rocks come in many different sizes, but don’t use large rocks to create a small garden.

Plant Selection

There are many different types of plants in the garden, but only certain types of plants are used for garden gravel. For rockery, succulents and cactus prove to be the best. They need to be looked after as little as possible. They require well-drained soil which is easily available in rock gardens. Some cacti and succulents are always found in rock gardens like aloe vera, Haworthia, Kalanchoe, jade 
rock garden Idea sansar Green
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Rock Garden

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