What are the Best Plants for a kitchen?

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For kitchen plants, Basil, Rosemary, and Oregano are good choices as you can also use them while you cook. Also, Chinese evergreen is a good choice. These herbs are easy to plant and are delicious too, which means they are versatile plants.

What are the benefits of kitchen plants?

  • The kitchen plant increases the beauty of the kitchen

  • These plants give us fresh air

  • The kitchen waste material and wastewater is used by these plants in the right way

  • You can pluck fresh herbs whenever you want

  • These plants help a lot in keeping you healthy

  • Seeing these plants gives peace of the mind

  • These plants keep the house away from insects and mosquitoes


Which plants can be planted in the kitchen and some information about them:-

English Ivy-If you’re going for a daring look or a plant that can survive on top of your filing cabinet then English Ivy is another great sprawling selection for your kitchen. This plant is also easy to care for and also they flourish in humidity. Also, they are better for a bright kitchen with a good amount of consistent or natural light-medium or bright light is fine but low light is not good for English ivy.

Bamboo Plant-Bamboo Plant is considered a very lucky plant as it brings lots of happiness, peace, prosperity, wealth, fortune, fame, and also comfort. You can place it in your kitchen to glorify your kitchen. It will give your kitchen a smart look.

Aloe Vera-Aloe not only looks cute on your counter but also the healing properties of plants make them great. Also, it takes the minimum space. While cooking dinner when you accidentally hurt or burn yourself, no need to worry. You just prick off an aloe vera stem and smash the gel and smoothly apply it to your burnt place.
Spider plants-This plant flourishes in luminous and bright light, but they also do well in low light—so whatever your kitchen is like, it doesn’t matter at all.  You know with different temperatures & humidity levels also, these plants will survive. Keep them or cling them on the crown of cabinets, this will save your valuable space.
Venus Fly Traps-These are carnivorous plants, they are very helpful and useful plants for your kitchen as they attract bugs and other flies in and eat them, So named flytraps.  
Pothos-If you want an effectively unkillable sprawling or irregular plant to enumerate some drama to your kitchen then the best reliable plant is pothos. It can bear varying levels of humidity & light, and also it will show you when it’s being overwatered or neglected and bounce right back once you take care of it.   
ZZ Plants-This plant can handle indirect or bright (low) light (just not direct sunlight), as well as any level of humidity. It is a plant that requires less liquefied water, continuing on the drier side. Mean to say, it does not matter what your kitchen atmosphere is like—and also no matter how often you disremember to water your plants—you’ll be okay with one of these. Its appearance is also beautiful.
Lavender-Lavender prevents bugs like aphids, mosquitos, flies, moths, and many more according to the old farmer’s yearbook. And that means that planting young and fresh lavender won’t just look gorgeous but also smell great—it will help you keep away from bugs and flies.
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How to Keep Kitchen Plants Away from Pesticides?

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