What are the best five indoor plants?

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When you think of house planting, you must be aware of various types of plants. Carefully think and accumulate the ideas of plants. Their climate, maintenance, benefits, it’s a good or bad effect on your body and mind then only you should plant in your house or office. There are many plants that are beautiful and attractive too. You can’t say about a particular plant. From my thinking- The best indoor plants that can be planted in your house are peace lilies, golden pothos, air plants, snake plants, philodendrons, etc.
These plants require low maintenance and are easy to plant. These hardy indoor plants make superb picks for beginners and people who regularly travel or are away from home.

What is special about indoor plants?

These plants not only increase the beauty of the house, but research has shown that they keep our mood good, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants. Along with making the environment beautiful, it keeps us healthy and makes us happy to see these plants in the home. these plants can be flowering and non-flowering.

There are some common indoor plants
1. Peacy lily- peace lilies are also called Spathiphyllum and are also known as closet plants. This plant is a standard plant for offices and homes. This plant brings positivity to you and keeps your mind peaceful. Its flower is also very attractive and you will feel cozy and relaxed also. This plant is easy to maintain.
2. Golden pothos-Golden pothos are also known as money plants as they look like a coin and are so named money plants. This plant is very easy to plant and also this plant can grow in water. They are self-watering plants. If you keep this plant in the soil then also it will grow and if you will plant it in water then also it will grow but mind it never transfers your plant from soil to water or vice versa, it will affect your plants and stop flowering.
3. Philodendron-Philodendrons make your house look very attractive as it has large, dark, green leaves that allow them to absorb even the tiniest traces of water and light. They bloom indoors very well.
4. Air plants-Air plants keep your mind and brain fresh and will provide you with fresh air so named air plants. Air plants are epiphytes, which means that in nature they grow on other plants, usually on tree branches.
5. Snake plants-This plant is easy to grow and also helps to filter indoor air. Its unique quality is that this plant can convert carbon dioxide (co2) to fresh oxygen (O2) even at night time also.
These plants reduce stress, improve concentration at home or office, and also lower blood pressure.

How to make indoor plants healthy and beautiful?

​In the market, the most popular instant organic mealy bug remover sprays available are from four brands that are very popular in online stores such as amazon, Flipkart, etc. These are instant relief spray for smaller plants, where it works instantly with few sprays enough for removing all types of mealy bug.
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​In the market, the most popular organic indoor plant growth liquid, care stix, and NPK for growth fertilizers available are from four brands that are very popular in online stores such as amazon, Flipkart, etc. These are instant start work on the smaller plants, where it works instantly with two or three used for growing these pants. Links for various fertilizers for the growth of these plants are provided below:-
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Where to grow these plants?

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Precaution should be taken while using indoor care sprays for the removal of mealy bugs from indoor plants.  These are available on various online platforms such as ‘www.sansargreen.com’, amazon, and Flipkart. A few big brands of the gardening industry such as ‘Sansar Green‘, Erwon, Garden King, and Rimi Garden are making organic indoor care pesticides that are harmless for humans and pets but very effective in removing mealy bugs.

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