Sansar Green – An Agri-tech Startup

Sansar Green® is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in the Agri-Tech sector, providing customised organic farming and gardening growth inputs in India. We have set up an AI-based smart technology for production efficiency and smart warehousing for timely delivery.

Currently, we are operating with 43 smart Warehouses in 13 States; and tie-ups with many agriculture universities with 550k+ Active Buyers and Service takers. The company have YouTube Channels named ‘Sansar Green’, ‘Rimi Garden’ and ‘Garden King’ in which we provide information about the proper and correct farming and gardening methods.

Sansar Green – Online Agri-Garden Store

Did you ever imagine that the top quality planting materials, fertilizers and live plants and hundreds of branded items could be handpicked and delivered to your home, all at the click of a button? India’s first comprehensive online agri-garden megastore,, brings a whopping 2000+ products from the most reputed brands to our happy customers. From varieties of live plants, organic fertilisers,  plant care products to garden care and designing, Sansar Green has everything you need for your daily agri-gardening needs. is convenience personified We’ve taken away all the stress associated with shopping for daily agri-gardening essentials, and you can now order all your agri-gardening products and even buy potting soil online without travelling long distances. Add to this the convenience of finding all your agri-gardening requirements at one single source, along with great savings, and you will realise that – India’s largest online agri-gardening supermarket, has revolutionised the way India shops for gardening products. Online agri-gardening products shopping has never been easier. Need things fresh? Whether it’s plants and seeds or fertilizer and potting soil, we have this covered as well! Get plants, planters, fertilizers, seeds and more online at your convenience. Hassle-free Home Delivery options.
We deliver to all cities across India and maintain excellent delivery times, ensuring that all your products from plants to branded fertilizers reach you in time.

India’s biggest Online Agri-Garden Supermarket believes in providing the highest level of customer service and is continuously innovating to meet customer expectations. Our On-time Guarantee is one such assurance where we issue cashback of 10% of the bill value if the delivery is delayed (however, due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19 our delivery might get delayed. Delivery Guarantee will not be applicable). For all your order values above Rs. 499, we provide free delivery and 10% cash of bill value on all orders. A wide range of imported and gardening products are available through our express delivery service. If you ever find an item missing on delivery or want to return a product, you can report it to us within 48 hours for a ‘no-questions-asked’ refund.

Best quality products for our quality-conscious customers. is synonymous with superior quality and continues to strive for higher levels of customer trust and confidence, by taking feedback and giving our customers what they want. If it’s a product category you’re looking to shop from, we’ve made it convenient for you to access all products in a section easily. 

We are proud to be associated closely with the plant’s growers from whom we source our live plants. Most of our live plants are sourced directly from growers, which not only ensures the best prices and freshest products for our customers but also helps the farmers get better prices. With more than 1200 varieties of plants and a wide range of organic fertilizers, sansargreen has the largest range in the organic fertilizers category.

When it comes to payment, we have made it easy for our customers can pay through multiple payment channels like Credit and Debit cards, Internet Banking, e-wallets and simply pay Cash on Delivery (COD). The convenience of shopping for a home and daily agri-gardening needs, while not compromising on quality, has made the online supermarket of choice for thousands of happy customers across India.

Who are the Promoters of the ‘Sansar Green ?

Rajeev Singh (an ‘IIM – Ranchi’ and ‘Mumbai University alumni) is the CEO of ‘Sansar Green Mission Pvt. Ltd’; and his wife, Rimi Singh (MCA) is the Managing Director of the company. Their first company was Sansar Green Technologies Pvt. Ltd. primarily involved in landscaping and water bodies. During his work as a landscaper for various urban government bodies, he realized that precious land in cities is occupied with city dumps and garbage and this garbage is creating serious health hazards for the mass population. During the COVID regime, they formed the company ‘Sansar Green Mission Pvt. Ltd’. The couple started R&D with their dedicated team during this period and after 2 years of hard work, found a miracle organic compound which helped plants to grow better or at least no less than chemical inputs.

What are the works of ‘Sansar Green?

Sansar Green® aims to make agriculture more efficient and profitable by using technology to connect with farmers for market and advisory. Farmers can browse products on the Sansar Green® website, ‘’ and order online for delivery to their doorsteps. Our objective is to provide high-quality customised organic inputs at reasonable prices. The company provides a platform for organic farming and gardening inputs that blends delivery within 1-2 days anywhere in the country, with payment protection and quality services. People here are passionate about learning and seek to constantly improve and innovate learning from others and for our own success and failures.

One of the things that sets ‘Sansar Green’® apart from the other brands is its commitment to using only organic and natural ingredients. Our organic fertilizers come with natural and effective biological treatments that increase plant growth, improve crop yields in challenging conditions, and reduce the need for costly inputs. The company’s motive is to manufacture more consistent and affordable products.

 The company’s aim is to reduce waste from cities, protect the environment by reducing and removing the use of chemical fertilizer and provide quality effective Organic Fertilizer at low cost.

Sansar Green® believe in the importance of sustainable gardening and agricultural practices that promote the well-being of both their customers and the environment. They assure that all will receive high-quality products from organic agri-inputs. They are trying to influence traditional methods of farming by using organic fertilizer that doesn’t harm nature. They have a large number of tested and certified organic agriculture growth inputs products for farmers and urban gardeners. The company continuously tested the quality of products in crops and plants and then the team realized that every plant need are different and need different growth inputs. Thus, the idea of specialized organic fertilizer for various plants cropped up. He found that various permutation and combination of various organic ingredients help plants grow multiple folds and boosts up the crops and other house plants. Every plant needs different care and we manufacture products that suit the plant, keeping in mind that meets the need of the plant. Organic Fertilizer is rich in all required essential nutrients in any specific plant as all plant needs are different and the same fertilizer can’t be used as all such as seasonal flowering plants and flowery shrub plants have different requirements and the same for vegetables and other plants. They need specific nutrients during growth, budding, flowering, fruiting and other specific growth-related requirements.

Sansar Green® organic fertilizers are very specific for the specific needs of plants. It contains different ratios and proportions of various important nutrients such as micronutrients, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, nitrogen, carbon and active microbes for the smooth transit of these essential nutrients into roots. Our products come in reusable boxes, and reusable pouches and are very kid-friendly, eco-friendly and pet-friendly with zero pesticides and hazardous chemicals.

When it comes to agriculture and gardening, Sansar Green® is your go-to choice for sustainable practices for a peaceful heaven that brings happiness, calmness and beauty into your life.

How we can Get associated with ‘Sansar Green ?

One can get associated with ‘Sansar Green’ by taking its Membership. We are also coming up with a Franchise model of ‘Sansar Green Mission’ Centres.

What is ‘Sansar Green’ Membership?

‘Sansar Green Membership’ is our scheme for those garden lovers who want regular guidance, products and timely delivery of tested seeds and materials.

What is ‘Sansar Green’ Membership?

‘Sansar Green Membership’ is our scheme for those garden lovers who want regular guidance, products and timely delivery of tested seeds and materials.

What are ‘Sansar Green Mission’s’ Working Locations?

‘Sansar Green Mission’ is providing products and services all over India and few countries like, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka etc