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What is Hydroponic?

It is a technology designed to grow crops where there is no space for farming. It means cultivation In which only pebbles, sand and water are required, not soil. In simple words, hydroponics is a technique that makes farming possible even without soil. It is necessary to maintain the temperature for hydro farming. This is organic farming and the grains and vegetables made from it are organic only, they do not cause any harm.

What advantage Of Hydroponic?

It has several advantages:

  • It is easy to provide the plant with a precise and appropriate amount of air, water, and nutrients.
  • The growing medium is clean, and well-drained which discourages weeds, pests, and diseases.
  • The growth of plants is often faster and stronger than in soil.
  • It is possible to do more farming in less space.
  • Production increases up to 10 times.
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Types Of Hydroponic

There is  Just One kind of hydroponic but it has two methods. this farming has two methods:-

  • Roots are put directly into the water which is full of nutrition.
  • The plant is placed in a mixture of coconut fiber, perlite, and sand placed in a container filled with water.
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Is Hydroponic farming Possible in a Home garden?

Its purpose was to increase agriculture, which was decreasing due to the lack of fertility of the land and an increase in population. But this agriculture attracted people due to its ease of cultivation and time-saving. Gradually hydroponic gardens started becoming popular mainly because of their gardening process system. Most types of cereals, vegetables, and herbs can be grown in it, Which can also make the garden a home garden more good thing about it is that farming can be done around the whole year.
hydroponic sansar green
Hydro farming is done on a very large scale which greatly increased the origin of agriculture. This technique is mostly used for growing vegetables and herbs This is the reason that it is being done at home as well. tomatoes, spinach, radish, chives, herbs, cabbage, blueberries, and mint are some of the easiest plants which can grow well in water.