sansar green orchid
Orchid is a plant species whose flowers are famous worldwide for their beauty and fragrance. Along with its beauty and aroma, it is also popular because of its colors. This is a flower in which, along with the diversity of colors, there is also a strange strangeness.

Specialty Of Orchids:-

There are about 450 genera of orchids with about 15,000 species. Hardly any flower species has so many varieties. Humid weather is required to grow them, however, it is grown on all continents except Antarctica. These are completely different from other plants, due to their color, form, and aroma are there but there is also a special thing they are not grown only in the soil like other plants. They require a special kind of mixture, which is prepared by mixing different types of nutritions.
sansar green orchid
sansar green orchid

Requirements of Orchids

These are the orchid potting requirements:-
  • Bark
  • Clay Pellets
  • Coco fiber & Coir
  • Horticulture charcoal
  • Lava Rock
  • Peat
  • Pumice
  • Sponge Rock
  • Wool Rock
sansar green orchid

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Sansar Green Orchid Flower Booster Fertilizer From Sansar Green