What is Topiary Garden?

 What is Topiary Garden sansar_green
Since 2000 years, the art and craft of topiary have been practiced in gardens. If you want your garden with a classy look then you must know what are topiary gardens?
Thickly lived evergreen shrubs are used in Topiary. With time, patience, and suitable plants, “living sculptures” may be produced without too much or excessive skill being required. Topiary is most probably used in formal or classical gardens to enumerate (add) height, shape, and sculptural interest. The topiary garden appearance is mind-blowing. Topiary gardens are geometrically balanced whether they be in the form of circles, squares, or rectangles. Topiaries are sun-lovers and they need sunlight to grow. Plants will defoliate if they will not get full or partial sunlight. A single piece of topiary forms a sturdy focal point while several trees or clipped shrubs may provide cornerstones to the garden or a well-defined framework as a foil for more informal or unstructured planting.

Why is it called a Topiary?

A form of training and pruning trees and shrubs to create attractive, boldly, artificial shapes, topiaries is a garden art that has been popular since Roman times. Traditionally used to produce strongly architectural and geometrical shapes in Formal Gardens, it has been developed to include birds, animals, and unusual, even whimsical (fanciful) features such as giant chess pieces and full-size trains. Topiaries are bushes and small dwarf trees that are meant to be clipped into an ornamental shape. The word “topiary” is derived from a Latin word for an ornamental landscape gardener. You know in India, the hanging garden (Kamala Nehru Park) of MUMBAI is popular for its topiary work.
 What is Topiary Garden sansar_green

What are Suitable Plants for Topiary?

  •         Taxus baccata (yew)
  •         Buxus sempervirens (box)
  •         Laurus nobilis (bay)
  •         Ligustrum ovalifolium       (privet)
  •         Hedera helix ‘Ivalace’ (ivy)
  •         Ilex aquifolium ‘Crispa   Aurea Picta’ (holly)
 What is Topiary Garden sansar_green

Can Topiary Grow in Shade?

Generally, topiaries need sunlight and without sunlight, plants can defoliate themselves. Some topiaries can grow in shade but still, they need a couple of hours of sunlight. Yews and boxwoods are two examples that grow in shade. Topiaries are so expensive to buy because they grow slowly and they require a lot of time to grow and produce. Now, hope you understood what is a topiary garden? Also in holiday time, they are often too difficult to keep alive. Creating a topiary garden makes your garden looks dashing as the plants used in topiaries are evergreen, also produce dense foliage, have small-small leaves, are mostly woody, and have compact growth habits.
 What is Topiary Garden sansar_green
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How do all these fertilizers work for my Topiary garden?

For small and bigger plants, these popular fertilizers and pesticides are sprayed by some good quality fertilizers and sprays. Normally, powder-based, liquid -based power-based or battery-operated sprays are used to reach every part of the plants. These fertilizes can increase beauty of your topiary garden.
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